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High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 4 Summary

Episode 4 of High Stakes Poker Season 9 aired on Monday, March 14, 2022 to the delight of online poker fans. Here we summarize what you shouldn’t miss.

The Baptism of Fire Episode

Several players around the table were participating in their very first High Stakes Poker show. Among the newbies, the one that catches the eye the most is of course Garrett Adelstein. His entry was highly anticipated since Poker Go announced the season’s lineup. But, the American did not live up to the expectations placed on him. He acknowledged this and said that he will be back next time. Let’s wait and see. Adelstein was not the only newcomer around the table on Monday. Jennifer Tilly, the movie actress and professional poker player was also there. Xuan Li and Krish Menon were the other two. Seeing new faces and new ways of playing can only be exciting for fans of the show. Brunson, Antonius Dwan, and Kim Hultman rounded out the table.

Test Shot, Master Shot, Missed Shot for Adelstein

The game began with Adelstein placing a $1,200 bet holding the Jack of Clubs and the 8 of hearts. Note that he entered with $200,000. Liu, who entered with $100,000 holding the king of spades and the jack of spades, three-bets him on the pot.  Patrick Antonius raises to $1,100 with his ace of spades and six of hearts. But Menon is not intimidated and bets $3,600, confident with his double of clubs: the king and queen. Adelstein got lucky in the big blind by drawing a king of spades and a king of diamonds and decided to raise to $14,000. Antonius folded right away as the bet became too big for him. Menon then made a bet of $28,200. The game is now between him and Adelstein, two players who know each other well from previous encounters at Hustler Casino Live. The flop revealed the 8 of spades, the jack of diamonds and the 6 of clubs. Menon, refusing to believe that his opponent had the top pair, made a bet of $50,000 after Adelstein decided to check. Menon then goes all-in with his $57,000. Adelstein couldn’t call and the winnings went to the indian.

What Else Happened

The final hand of the episode began with Xuan Li raising a $2,500 pot with the ace of diamonds and queen of hearts. Jennifer Tilly called with the King of Hearts and Jack of Hearts. The flop came with the 6 of spades, the ace of hearts and the queen of spades, Liu raised his bet to $3,500. Tilly called. The ensuing draw shows a 6 of diamonds. Liu bets again with $10,000 this time. Tilly bluffs his way through and raises his bet to $30,000. The 10 of clubs appear on the river, so Tilly gets a straight, which shocks Liu who called anyway. Tilly bets $50,000 and Liu refuses to fold. 

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The Best Online Casino Tournaments to Come in 2022

Casino games are usually played individually, sometimes it’s all between the player and the algorithms. But this experience is being revolutionized as for some time now, publishers have been implementing a strategy that brings together several users. The strategy is to organize tournaments in online casinos. Inspired by poker games, these events are attracting more and more fans. Would you like to know more about these different virtual competitions? Here are the best online casino tournaments coming up this year.

Guaranteed Prize Pool

One of the best online casino tournaments you can participate in is the prize pool. It’s the Rolls Royce of competitions with multi-million profits to be shared between the winners. It brings together thousands of players who each participate with their own personal experiences. The competition lasts for a long time and becomes more and more difficult as the stages go by. That’s why it’s not recommended for beginners to take part in this adventure. However, if you are an online casino gambling insider, the prize pool is the ultimate tournament.

Note that in order to participate in this competition, you have to pay an entry fee which is set for each game. The prizepool to be won will be the amount paid by each participant. For example, if the entry fee is set at £10 and there are 100 participants, the total amount to be won will be £1,000. It should also be noted that each game has its own rules and specificities. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with the different descriptions of the tournament for each new game.

Sit N Go Poker Tournament

The other online casino tournament that you can participate in more easily is the Sit N Go. This virtual competition has won the hearts of thousands of online casino enthusiasts due to its simplicity. You don’t need a lot of skill to try this entertainment. The game starts when the required number of players is reached. Generally, the tournament is played with a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 30 players. Since seats are limited, Sit N Go allows you to play more easily in a shorter time. The winnings also depend on the initial stake of each participant. Several online casino operators initiate this tournament. Some of them may launch the competition two to three times a day. The list includes:

  • Tortuga Casino.
  • PartyPoker Casino.
  • CloudBet Casino.
  • Grand Fortune Casino.
  • PokerStars Casino.

You can visit any of these online casino operators to participate in this tournament. This is the most popular competition as it allows you to reach the table faster. That said, regardless of your level, you have an easier time winning games.

Rebuying and Add-On Poker Tournaments

The rebuy poker tournament is more for experienced players. It’s one of the most advantageous competitions, although it does require some skill. At the table, you need to have your wits about you and be able to improvise as well. This competition allows you to acquire more chips at the beginning of each game, but gives you the opportunity to buy back your initial bets. This is known as the rebuy strategy. In effect, this allows you to rebuy and maximize your winnings. The rebuy is done during a well-defined period and after this time, you can opt for an add on. However, you need to be careful as both of these strategies can sometimes be dead ends even for online casino insiders.

Katana Tournament

The Katana Tournament is a tournament initiated by the online casino Spin Samurai. This online casino offers the most popular virtual games. It has organized this competition to promote mainly the slot machines present on its platform. The tournament can take into account several games to allow new players to better insert themselves into the world of online casinos. The prize to be won can be up to £1,500 with 750 free spins. If you want to compare your skills with other online casino enthusiasts, you can enter this competition. The Katana Tournament is also a great way to have fun and try out new online games.