18, Jan
Top 5 Sports Techniques for Simple Betting

What do you need to put in place today to break your bad habits and start betting seriously and winning at sports betting? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. By applying all these techniques, you will significantly increase your chances of winning at sports betting!

Avoid Combos, Bet Singles

Making long combinations is the most common mistake made by beginner bettors. We’ve all been there.

By betting on combinations with a multitude of so-called “safe” odds you are exponentially decreasing your probability of winning at sports betting.

With experience, you will learn that no sports bet is safe and that most of your combinations will turn out to be losers in the long run! That’s why it’s much wiser to pick one and only one prediction by working seriously on your analysis.

Adopt a Strict Money Management Strategy

Many beginners do not have a strategy for managing their bankroll. They bet haphazardly without any rigor.

We have written an article dedicated to all the different ways of betting in sports betting and it is up to you to choose the strategy that suits you best. If you don’t know which one to choose, we advise you to never exceed a bet of about 2.5% of your bankroll. This allows you to be comfortable with your bets and to keep your cool.

If you have a small bankroll we recommend this article which explains how to bet with a small bankroll while keeping a long-term strategy.

Don’t Bet on Anything and Everything

When you start betting on sports, you bet on everything that moves. The problem is not necessarily to bet on several sports but especially to bet without having any knowledge of the ins and outs of a sporting event!

How can you make money on sports betting by squandering your bankroll on sports you don’t know? You are going to the dogs!

Bet smart or follow sports betting experts who specialize in one sport to expand your sample and increase your volume intelligently.

Keep a History of All Your Predictions

How can you know if you are in profit or loss if you have no record of your bets?

Get into the habit of writing down everything you bet today. There are free tools at your disposal like Bet Analytix. This platform allows you to get information about your betting profile and statistics about your results.

When you have a large sample of recorded bets, it will allow you to know if you are capable of winning in the long run. But also to improve yourself because you will see right away which sports you are most successful in, which type of predictions make you win and which ones you should discard.

Avoid Tilt by Understanding the Concept of Variance

Variance is an integral part of sports betting.

What is variance in sports betting? Basically, it is the average difference between your expected winnings and your actual winnings.

We explain this in detail in an article dedicated to the concept of variance in sports betting.

You just have to understand that you will not win all the time, that you will never avoid the imponderables, and that eventually the effect of luck or bad luck will be smoothed out. Don’t tilt, stay focused, to win you have to accept to lose. The negative effects of variance will be smoothed out over the long term with a consistent number of predictions. And you will be able to calmly assess your ability to win at sports betting over the long term.

This notion of variance will make the myth of the black cat in sports betting disappear.